In March 1998, Ron Pollock, formerly of the Wyndham Economic Development Unit, organised a breakfast meeting to discuss the "Millennium Bug."  Do you remember all the worries about what was going to happen in Y2K?

This very informative meeting presented a great opportunity to network with local people from a variety of backgrounds and business interests.  On asking for details of the next Council networking meeting the reply was 'network meetings do not work in this area, Wyndham people do not support them so no more are being planned.'

It was this statement that inspired the original committee led by Annette Webster to start what we now know as Wyndham BizNet. Ron offered his services to organise a 'structural committee' and this dedicated group held the first structural committee meeting on 19th May 1998 to set the ground work. The inaugural official opening meeting was held on the 28th July 1998 at the Master Wok restaurant. It has grown from humble beginnings, with predominately female members to become one of the most recognized and valuable networking groups within the area. The original committee worked tirelessly to establish the foundation of what have today. 

Although the original committee after 17 years; has now been replaced with a new committee, the values and ethics have not. Wyndham BizNet is dedicated to ensuring all members and non-members are made to feel welcome and valued. We the new committee continue to strive to ensure each seminar is relevant and informative. 

We have a variety of businesses in various stream from Trades to Finical Services to Manufactures. Our members are a mix of small to medium/Large business within the city of Wyndham. All our members are valued and we invite all guests to come and see what we know is a wonderful evening and supportive network. By working together we promote ourselves, each other and our local business community.  Most of all we have strive for a balance of a relaxed atmosphere and the ability to connect with other business associates.


2018 March Seminar
Tuesday, 13 March 2018

VIC 3030



Our Guest Speaker is Liana Buchanan.  

Liana is the Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People and also sits as a part-time Commissioner of the Victorian Law Reform Commission.  Liana has a background in oversight and system reform for people experiencing disadvantage, with a strong focus on family violence and sexual assault. 

Prior to her appointment as Commissioner, her roles included the Executive Officer of the Federation of Community Legal Centres, where she lead the peak body for Victoria’s 50 community legal centres, and the Director, Office of Correctional Services Review, where she was responsible for monitoring Victoria's corrections system. 

Liana has also held legal and policy positions with a social justice focus in a number of agencies including the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission, Department of Justice, Office for the Status of Women and Women’s Legal Service (SA).

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