Daryl Wilson - Economic Development Coordinator, Wyndham City Council
From humble beginnings Wyndham BizNet has grown to be one of the most envied business networking organisations anywhere in the state of Victoria.  Wyndham BizNet is at the heart of our city's business community and there is little doubting that it has been the single most significant catalyst in the establishment of long term business relationships as well as ongoing friendships for many members of our fantastic business community.  If you are seeking to connect with businesses in the City of Wyndham then I strongly recommend that you put the next meeting date in your diary.  I look forward to exchanging valuable ideas and information over dinner at Wyndham BizNet.

Colin Moss - General Manger, Fairfax Community Network
I have been attending Wyndham BizNet meetings for almost 10 years.  I have found this to be one of the most effective and relaxed business networking groups I have been associated with.  The fact that is has been operating so long is testimony to how well the committee run this networking group.  The guest speakers are engaging and relevant and the environment is friendly and social.  Whilst I live in Wyndham, most of my time is spent working out of the area so attending these meetings not only gives me an opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances but also to meet new people and find out what's going on in the area.  Wyndham BizNet is also a very effective forum for inviting new business clients to assist them with making business contacts in the area.  I can highly recommend attending a meeting if you haven't already done so!

Shane Bourke JP - Shane Bourke Consulting Solutions
I have had the honour of attending Wyndham BizNet meetings from the very beginning, being one of the first guest speakers in September 1998, just two months after the formation of BizNet.  When I am able to be at a BizNet meeting (I have been a member for many years), I feel comfortable and know that I am in a safe and nurturing environment with wonderful like minded Wyndham business people, who just want to be there to network their business, learn new ideas and enjoy the fellowship of each other.  As a five time Mayor of our City, I applaud the work that the BizNet committee has completed over the last decade plus, ensuring Wyndham business people have a pivotal umbrella organisation to share their thoughts, dreams and aspirations for themselves, their employees and their families.

John Redmond - Director, Redmond Repetition Engineers
My family and I have been involved with Wyndham BizNet since their inception in 1998 and I have also spent time on the Committee.  We have benefited greatly from being members of Wyndham BizNet and it is fantastic to see how local businesses have been able to support each other in this relaxed networking environment.  Many of these businesses have been successful in winning particular categories in the Wyndham Business Awards held yearly and Wyndham BizNet are to be congratulated for their sponsorship in these Awards and for supporting our local business community.  The meetings are always well organised due to the efforts of the President and the Committee who are so committed to the cause.  They always manage to engage interesting speakers covering all topics making BizNet the success it is today.

John Dyne - Managing Director, Homestead Financial Group
I am an active participating member of Wyndham BizNet and have been for approximately 8 years.  This local business networking organisation is much more than a group of Salespeople looking for their next lead.  It has a strong, committed executive team who follow the organisations charter and consequently continually provide an interesting program and opportunity for people to "support" each other in business.  it is not an organisation of executive socialites, it is, however a group of like-minded folk who see the benefit of sharing their time, knowledge and experiences over a meal and discussion.  I look forward to another fruitful year!

Rohan Braddy - Chief Executive Officer, Mambourin Enterprises
I personally have been regularly attending BizNet meetings since I commenced in the role of Chief Executive Officer of Mambourin Enterprises Inc in early 2002, and Mambourin's relationship with BizNet goes back even further, as my predecessor also regularly attended meetings since BizNet's inception in mid 1998.  We have at least one representative at most meetings, with colleagues such as our Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager also regularly attending.  There are three main reasons which keep us regularly attending meetings over such a long period of time.

It's great for business.  Over the years, Mambourin has established, grown and maintained several significant business opportunities as a direct result of our BizNet involvement.  For example, only recently we secured a contract with a fellow BizNet attendee worth hundreds of thousands of dollars annual turnover.  This contract led to a massive expansion of our business and helped us employ at least six new people.

Professionally I have learnt an enormous amount from attending BizNet meetings over the years, both from the formal presentations that take place each month, but also more informally from talking with and learning from other business professionals.  These conversations take place in a relaxed environment, and I am always impressed by how willing people are to help, even direct business competitors.  There is clearly the atmosphere that 'your success is our regions success.'

Personally, I enjoy the collegiality of the dinner meetings.  I always come away having had a most enjoyable meeting and a lovely dinner.  I greatly value the many friendships that I have made through BizNet.
I would encourage any business person to join BizNet, attend regularly and take the view that you get out of it what you put into it (and more!)

Colin Twigg - Principal, Twigg Family Law

I have been a member of BizNet since early 2000.  For a very modest cost I have attended numerous well organised meetings at excellent locations, heard great guest speakers and forged a number of valuable and enduring business connections and friendships all in a convivial networking environment.  I would thoroughly recommend BizNet membership as an essential marketing tool for any business proprietor in the City of Wyndham.

March Wyndham BizNet Event
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Hoppers Crossing Sports Club
Hogans Road Reserve, Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029

Welcome to March's Wyndham BizNet Dinner and a very special welcome to our Guest Speaker - Rohan Rizzoli.

Another unsung hero born right here in Wyndham.

Rohan is a 27 year old firefighter with the Werribee Fire Brigade, he is a born and bred Wyndham local. Rohan has been a member of the Werribee Fire Brigade for 9 years with 3 of those years as a junior member, joining as a 12 year old in 2005. He returned to the brigade in 2015 as a firefighter, quickly gaining qualifications and experience and becoming one of the most operational and active members in the brigade. This skill set and work ethic earning him the “Firefighter of the Year” award in 2019. Rohan attends an average of 320 call-outs annually, compared to a brigade average of 750 annually.

Recently, Rohan was deployed to the Blue Mountains Fire in NSW in November, working out of the Richmond RAAF base. He was tasked with firefighting, backburning and visiting disconnected communities in rural areas. Rohan attended multiple fires within Victoria, such as night shifts at Meredith, asset protection and defending homes at the Plenty Gorge fire in Bundoora and spending a week in Cann River and only ten days later, spending another week in the fire ravaged Mallacoota. During his time in Cann River, Rohan worked alongside the MFB, ADF, SES, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria in not only fighting fires but also assessing damage, herding cattle, repairing fences, clearing roads, creating access through blocked roads, such as the Monaro and Princess Highways.
Rohan’s time in Mallacoota was an eye-opener, as he was primarily tasked with impact assessment of destroyed homes and properties within the township. He spoke with many locals who had suffered significant trauma and shared stories of survival and loss. In a single afternoon, he assessed 60 destroyed homes within only a few streets of one another.

The impact this has had is one of reflection as we unite as one. Let’s get together and enjoy a relaxing night and enjoyable dinner at the Hoppers Crossing Sports Club.

Membership is not compulsory however there are additional benefits in joining at minimal cost. Guests may attend two meetings and will then be required to become a financial member on their third visit.

Come along and bring your colleagues - you are sure to meet someone you know, and if not, we will introduce you to like-minded people from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

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