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February Wyndham BizNet Event
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Hoppers Club
180-200 Pannam Drive, Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029

Happy New Year to our members and visitors!

May it be our best year yet and with close to 200 members there is plenty of conversations to be held. What better way than to kick off our year at BizNet.

February's Dinner will be held at the Hoppers Club located at 180-200 Pannam Drive, Hoppers Crossing. Our first Guest Speaker for 2020 will leave you with wanting to know more.

Introducing Darren Hodge............. An unsung hero born right here in Wyndham.

From a young age Darren dreamt of one day becoming a paramedic. He fulfilled that dream by starting this role on the day of his 21st Birthday.

His career in ambulance had been rich with opportunities, working in many different operational roles that include Advanced Life Support Paramedic and MICA Paramedic. In 2004 he reached his ultimate goal after becoming a MICA Flight Paramedic working on one of Victoria’s Ambulance helicopters.

The role on the helicopter has seen him performing rescues in Bass Strait, attending the most serious accidents in the state and he was also deployed to the Black Saturday bushfires. He found himself in the middle of the 2005 Bali bombing whilst trying to get married, an incident he describes as the most horrific experience of his life.

A love of teaching the next generation of paramedics has seen him enjoy teaching roles with several universities. Darren has been a senior lecturer and unit coordinator with Monash University since 1997.

In 2019 Darren released his professional memoir, ‘A Life on the Line’, the goal in writing the book was to provide some insight into the world of a Flight Paramedic. He has delivered his stories to a range of industries that include;

  • The Grand Trauma Round
  • Qantas
  • Telstra
  • Paramedics Australasia

Darren will have his book available for purchase and will sign copies / take photos on the night.
Let’s get together and enjoy a relaxing night and enjoyable dinner at the Hoppers Club.

Membership is not compulsory however there are additional benefits in joining at minimal cost. Guests may attend two meetings and will then be required to become a financial member on their third visit.

Come along and bring your colleagues - you are sure to meet someone you know, and if not, we will introduce you to like-minded people from a variety of industries and backgrounds.  
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